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​​2020 Media Releases

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2051.aspxRevised Petitions for Redress Process for Tynwald Day 202026/05/2020
2048.aspxNavigating COVID 19 challenges Tynwald participates in CPA webinars26/05/2020
2047.aspxTynwald Day 2020 25/05/2020
2049.aspxDouglas Promenade Scheme Call for Evidence22/05/2020
2050.aspxSittings of Tynwald Court and the Branches22/05/2020
2045.aspxExploring Health and Economic Priorities as we Stay Safe18/05/2020
2046.aspxSitting of the Legislative Council on 27th May15/05/2020
2044.aspxFinancial support schemes to be scrutinised08/05/2020
2043.aspxSitting of the House of Keys on 15th May 202006/05/2020
2041.aspxCOVID-19: President of Tynwald pays tribute to front-line workers03/05/2020
2042.aspxBusiness support schemes to be scrutinised01/05/2020
2040.aspxGrandparents' Rights : Petitioners to appear before Committee30/04/2020
2039.aspxTynwald Committees to scrutinise Government response to coronavirus29/04/2020
2038.aspxFireworks : Committee to hear oral evidence24/04/2020
2037.aspxSocial Affairs Policy Review Committee to Hear Evidence on Safeguarding16/04/2020
2036.aspxSpeaker hails virtual sittings of Tynwald positive development15/04/2020
2034.aspxTynwald Sitting 7th April 202007/04/2020
2035.aspxNext Tynwald Court Sittings09/04/2020
2033.aspxBusiness on Friday 3rd April 202002/04/2020
2032.aspxTynwald Day changes announced by President of Tynwald02/04/2020
2030.aspxCOVID - 19 Every effort being made to safeguard parliamentary democracy say Presiding Officers of Tynwald31/03/2020
2031.aspxBusiness on Tuesday 31st March 202030/03/2020
2027.aspx​​Extraordinary sitting of Tynwald25/03/2020
2028.aspxCancelled: Next Legislative Council Sittings26/03/2020
2026.aspxThe Economic Policy Review Committee 25th March 2020 public oral evidence hearing is cancelled24/03/2020
2025.aspxThe presiding officers have set out how parliamentary business will carry on over the coming six to eight weeks.23/03/2020
2023.aspxFuture of the Post Office: Oral Evidence19/03/2020
2024.aspxPublic Restrictions in Legislative Buildings18/03/2020
2022.aspxLand Registrar to appear before Committee16/03/2020
2021.aspxLegislative Council - newly elected Members12/03/2020
2020.aspxLegislative Council Elections 2020: Tim Crookall withdrawal05/03/2020
2019.aspxMinister for Infrastructure to appear before Committee04/03/2020
2018.aspxFireworks Act 2004: Call for Evidence04/03/2020
2017.aspxPresident of Tynwald pays tribute to the late David Callister02/03/2020
2016.aspxLegislative Council Elections 2020: Ten Candidates for Four Positions26/02/2020
2015.aspxSpeaker of the House of Keys joins tributes to Bill Malarkey MHK21/02/2020
2014.aspxPresident of Tynwald pays tribute to the late Bill Malarkey MHK21/02/2020
2013.aspxIsle of Media evidence to the Media Development Fund inquiry17/02/2020
2011.aspxFinancial Services Authority to appear before Economic Policy Review Committee11/02/2020
2010.aspxDomestic Abuse Bill 2019: experts to appear before the Legislative Council10/02/2020
2009.aspxHealth and Social Care Minister to appear before Committee29/01/2020
2007.aspxNational Audit Office to meet Public Accounts Committee22/01/2020
2008.aspxTynwald delegation to attend CPA Small Branches Sustainable Economic Development Workshop22/01/2020
2006.aspxTynwald delegation hails 25th CSPOC opportunity to strengthen parliamentary democracy20/01/2020
2005.aspxThe Law of adverse possession: Committee to hear evidence15/01/2020
2004.aspxPostponed-Isle of Media evidence to the Media Development Fund Inquiry14/01/2020
2003.aspxGrandparents' Rights: Call for Evidence14/01/2020
2002.aspxIsle of Media evidence to the Media Development Fund inquiry08/01/2020
2001.aspxTreasury evidence to the Media Development Fund inquiry08/01/2020