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​2019 Media Releases

To open any of the media releases listed below, click on the document icon. 
1967.aspxTynwald hosts inaugural CPA Crown Dependencies Network event in Douglas16/09/2019
1966.aspxLaw graduate from Namibia hails Tynwald work placement experience ‘eye-opening’10/09/2019
1965.aspxDouglas Promenade Scheme: Department for Enterprise to give evidence06/09/2019
1963.aspxSuicide inquiry: Minister to appear before Committee28/08/2019
1962.aspxDouglas Promenade Scheme: Hansard transcript of oral hearing now available15/08/2019
1961.aspxDouglas Promenade Scheme: Committee Welcomes Treasury Minister's Proposals06/08/2019
1960.aspxDouglas Promenade Scheme - Call for Evidence01/08/2019
1959.aspxRob Sutton to give evidence to Whistleblowing Committee24/07/2019
1958.aspxJunior Tynwald demonstrates real passion for politics22/07/2019
1956.aspxPresentation to President of Tynwald symbolises strengthened Nordic links18/07/2019
1957.aspxDouglas Promenade Scheme: Committee to hear evidence17/07/2019
1955.aspxPoverty Select Committee to hear evidence from the UK Poverty Think-Tank12/07/2019
1951.aspxTynwald Members’ emoluments: public consultation launched08/07/2019
1954.aspxTynwald Day Watch Live05/07/2019
1953.aspxProcurement inquiry for Public Accounts Committee22/07/2019
1952.aspxWhistleblowing Committee further call for evidence28/06/2019
1950.aspxGrenadier Guards to work with Youth & Community Musicians25/06/2019
1948a.aspxTynwald Day 201920/06/2019
1945.aspxPetitioners advised to seek advice well in advance of Tynwald Day01/06/2019
1947.aspxA Celebration of an Epic Voyage31/05/2019
1949.aspxOffering ownership and responsibility - Tynwald internships29/05/2019
1944.aspxMembers' Emoluments Review Panel Appointed 23/05/2019
1946.aspxDraft Education Bill: teaching unions and home educators to give evidence24/05/2019
1943.aspxTynwald delegation attends parliamentary conference in Guernsey23/05/2019
1942.aspxPlanning enforcement: Committee to hear evidence08/05/2019
1941.aspxTreasury Minister and CFO to appear before Economic Committee04/05/2019
1940.aspxIndependence of regulatory decision-making: Committee to hear evidence29/04/2019
1939.aspxVisiting Falkland Islands parliamentarian identifies opportunities for forging closer links with Tynwald29/04/2019
1938.aspxPoverty: Select Committee to Hear Evidence 10/04/2019
1937.aspxBetter outcomes for children and young people: Committee to hear oral evidence09/04/2019
1935.aspxIndependence of Regulatory Decision-Making: Committee to Hear Evidence09/04/2019
1933.aspxGambling Supervision Commission to appear before Economic Policy Review Committee05/04/2019
1934.aspxAccommodation for Young People: Select Committee to Hear Further Oral Evidence05/04/2019
1932.aspxStates of Jersey parliamentarian applauds ‘outward-looking’ Isle of Man29/03/2019
1931.aspxAttending Commonwealth Observance Day hailed ‘true honour’25/03/2019
1929.aspxEnterprise Minister and Business Agency Chair to appear before Committee21/03/2019
1930.aspxBetter outcomes for children and young people: Social Affairs Committee invites submissions19/03/2019
1928.aspxAccommodation for young people with autism: Select Committee to hear expert evidence15/03/2019
1927.aspxSuicide: further oral evidence scheduled13/03/2019
1926.aspxSelect Committee seeks further evidence on accommodation for vulnerable young people08/03/2019
1925.aspxTynwald PAC reports on Noble’s Hospital reveal ‘grave concerns’07/03/2019
1924.aspxHarbours Strategy: Committee to Hear Evidence05/03/2019
1920.aspxChief Minister, Minister for Policy and Reform and Chief Secretary to appear before Committee26/02/2019
1923.aspxCommittee to hear evidence from the Department of Education, Sport and Culture; and on Suicide04/03/2019
1922.aspxAutism Initiatives; Dept Health and Social Care and St Christopher's to give evidence 28/02/2019
1921.aspxInfrastructure Minister and Chief Executive to appear before Committee28/02/2019
1918.aspxTynwald Study Visit to the Scottish Parliament27/02/2019
1917.aspxRevised start time - Harbours Strategy: Committee to hear evidence21/02/2019
1916.aspxLegal services inquiry: Committee to hear evidence 21/02/2019
1915.aspxFuture of the Post Office: Call for Evidence 12/02/2019
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