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2018 Media Releases

To open any of the media releases listed below, click on the document icon.
1880.aspxRob Callister MHK proud to represent Tynwald at States of Jersey induction programme21/11/2018
1877.aspxUpdated CPA Recommended Benchmarks for Democratic Legislatures reflects changing parliamentary landscape15/11/2018
1874.aspxHarbours Strategy - Committee to hear evidence02/11/2018
1873.aspxWhistleblowing Select Committee Oral Evidence16/10/2018
1872.aspxPostponed - Harbours Strategy: Infrastructure Minister and Officers to appear before Committee09/10/2018
1871.aspx2018 Parliamentary and Assembly Officers Conference signals call for closer interparliamentary dialogue09/10/2018
1870.aspxLegal services inquiry: Committee to hear from former Law Society CEO08/10/2018
1869.aspxHarbours Strategy: Infrastructure Minister and Officers to appear before Committee05/10/2018
1868.aspxTynwald welcomes University of Iceland academic02/10/2018
1867.aspxSea Cadet and Port-e-Chee Guides Tynwald Day awards28/09/2018
1864.aspxCelebrating Women's Suffrage in the Isle of Man24/09/2018
1866.aspxTynwald PAC network event opportunity to ‘shine a light on accountability’24/09/2018
1865.aspxAttorney General and Minister for Enterprise to appear before Committee14/09/2018
1863.aspxTynwald Parliamentary Internship28/08/2018
1861.aspxNew Honours Boards installed in Royal Chapel, St John’s22/08/2018
1862.aspxCommonwealth Hansard conference hears joint presentation from Tynwald and Sierra Leone Parliament20/08/2018
1860.aspxMillennium Tynwald Day chair to form part of First World War commemorative installation14/08/2018
1858.aspxHansard Manager, Victoria Parliament visits Tynwald02/08/2018
1859.aspxDHSC Minister and CEO to appear before SAPRC 30/07/2018
1857.aspxTynwald PAC resolves to consider Media Development Fund losses 26/07/2018
1856.aspxPresident of Tynwald represents Isle of Man at Parliament of Iceland’s Union Treaty centenary celebrations24/07/2018
1855.aspxJunior Tynwald strengthens young people’s political engagement20/07/2018
1854.aspxSAPRC child abuse remit extended04/07/2018
1852.aspxSpeaker represents Isle of Man at CPA Annual Regional Conference26/06/2018
1851.aspxDevelopment of unoccupied urban sites: Committee to hear evidence05/06/2018
1849.aspxPSB18 Oral Hearing delayed31/05/2018
1850.aspxPSB18 Oral Hearing update 31/05/2018
1848.aspxBBC to appear before Tynwald Committee (MR48/18)25/05/2018
1846.aspxWhistleblowing Committee call for evidence22/05/2018
1845.aspxTynwald Day Petitioners advised to seek advice well in advance 18/05/2018
1842.aspxTreasury Minister and Chief Financial Officer to appear before Economic Committee 14/05/2018
1844.aspxHistoric child abuse: update 14/05/2018
1841.aspxOral Evidence on the topic of Brexit10/05/2018
1839.aspxDEFA Minister and Chief Executive before Committee08/05/2018
1838.aspxTreasury Minister and Finance Controller Oral Evidence04/05/2018
1835.aspxStudy visit to Tynwald by Speaker Purick MLA27/04/2018
1836.aspxHistoric child abuse Oral evidence to be heard in public by Committee27/04/2018
1837.aspxPostponed Public Service Broadcasting - Oral Evidence27/04/2018
1832.aspxSelect Committee On Poverty : Call For Evidence25/04/2018
1834.aspxRights of audience in the Island’s Courts: Call for evidence25/04/2018
1833.aspxDevelopment of unoccupied urban sites: Call for evidence24/04/2018
1831.aspxPublic Service Broadcasting – Oral Evidence24/04/2018
1830.aspxRegulation of legal services: Committee to hear evidence18/04/2018
1829.aspxBudget Evidence Session05/04/2018
1828.aspxMental Health: further evidence of DHSC and Police03/04/2018
1826.aspxDepartment for Enterprise Grants: Further call for evidence29/03/2018
1827.aspxOrgan Donation Consultation29/03/2018
1824.aspxObservance of Commonwealth Day ‘wonderful experience’22/03/2018
1825.aspxAuditor-General of Republic of Kenya hails Tynwald for its ‘quality’22/03/2018
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