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2018 Media Releases

To open any of the media releases listed below, click on the document icon.
1814.aspxLegislative Council Elections 2018: Fifteen Candidates for Five Positions23/02/2018
1813.aspxRegulation of legal services: Advocates Disciplinary Tribunal - Call for evidence22/02/2018
1812.aspxChild Abuse: Committee to Hear Oral Evidence19/02/2018
1810.aspxTynwald study visit ‘quite a revelation’ declares head of KPA delegation02/02/2018
1808.aspxNursery Place Provision – Departmental Panel Oral Evidence29/01/2018
1807.aspxPublic Service Broadcasting: Call for evidence26/01/2018
1804.aspxGovernment Accounts oral evidence 16/01/2018
1803.aspxVacancies on the Legislative Council: Diverse Range of Candidates Sought15/01/2018
MR02.aspxFirst Report of Hospital Overspend Inquiry15/01/2018
1801.aspxMental Health: Committee to hear oral evidence03/01/2018