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Accommodation for Young People: Select Committee to Hear Further Oral Evidence

​On 20th of November 2018 Tynwald appointed a Select Committee to investigate the provision of accommodation for vulnerable young people, with special reference to those leaving care and people with autism. The Committee is to hear oral evidence on 8th April 2019 in the Legislative Council Chamber, Legislative Buildings, Bucks Road Douglas.

The Committee will hear from the following at the time stated.

11:30 am - Christian Forbes, Managing Director of Fundamentum Property Limited

The members of the Committee, appointed by Tynwald, are Mr Tim Baker MHK (Chairman), Mr Rob Callister MHK and Mrs Kerry Sharpe MLC.

The evidence will be taken in public; members of the public are welcome to attend. The evidence can also be heard via the “live and listen again” audio webcast service on the Tynwald website.


For more information, please contact:

Benjamin Awkal
Assistant Clerk of the Committee
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Telephone: 01624 651536
Published - 05/04/2019