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Better outcomes for children and young people: Social Affairs Committee invites submissions

​The Social Affairs Policy Review Committee, a Standing Committee of Tynwald, is inquiring into policy and legislation relating to children and young people, with a focus on better outcomes. The Committee invites anyone with views on those matters to write to it; and may take oral evidence on the matters.

The Committee is aware that the Government is currently consulting on a draft Education Bill. The draft Bill can be read, and responses can be submitted, via the Government’s consultation hub Responses are to be submitted by 20th March 2019.  Anyone with comments or views on the proposals is encouraged to submit them also to the Committee. To submit your views to the Committee you cannot use the Government’s consultation hub. Instead you should write to the Committee Secretariat using the contact details below.

The Committee is interested in policy and legislation emanating from all Departments with an interest in children and young people. Submissions would be welcome on any such matters and on the co-ordination of policymaking across Government.

The Committee is prepared to receive evidence from public servants in complete confidence.

The members of the Committee appointed by Tynwald are Mr David Cretney MLC (Chairman), Mr Martyn Perkins MHK, and Ms Julie Edge MHK.

For further information or to make a submission, please contact:
Committee Secretariat
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Telephone: 01624 685500
David Cretney MLC
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Telephone: 07624 453011
Published - 19/03/2019