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Tynwald PAC reports on Noble’s Hospital reveal ‘grave concerns’

​The publishing of two Noble’s Hospital inquiry reports by Tynwald’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has revealed ‘grave concerns’.

The reports come ahead of Sir Jonathan Michael’s healthcare review report to be debated in the May sitting of Tynwald.

In its report ‘Overspending at Noble’s Hospital – One Year On’, the PAC found ‘insufficient evidence of adequate improvement from a year ago’ and ‘scant reason’ for optimism that suitable measures were in place for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to implement strategic change. Among its findings the Committee called into question the relevancy of the ‘Wigan Vision’ for the Isle of Man and expressed its ‘grave concerns about value for money in Noble’s and the DHSC’.

The PAC report on ‘Overspending at Noble’s Hospital – Staffing’ found ‘areas of significant concern’ and Noble’s Hospital to be ‘an organisation in fundamental need of reform’. It referred to a climate of ‘poor culture’ compromising morale, performance and value for money, and concluded that its findings and those of Sir Jonathan Michael’s forthcoming review could present ‘once-in-a-generation opportunities to lay down a path for progress’ in the Island’s health service.

PAC Chairman and Speaker of the House of Keys the Hon Juan Watterson SHK, said: ‘These reports illustrate the effectiveness of the committee system in strengthening the scrutiny of government. They are the culmination of many months of evidence gathering and analysis and I wish to thank my fellow committee members, clerks, and all those who contributed evidence for their diligence and cooperation.

‘The Committee examined in depth an issue which in some way or other touches the lives of us all in the Isle of Man - healthcare provision. Regrettably our findings identified repeated failures of leadership and good governance but, as we state in one of our reports, the DHSC does appear to be “turning a corner”, although there is still much more to be done. It is hoped, however, that this robust body of work by the Committee will serve to inform Sir Jonathan Michael’s deliberations on a healthcare system for the Isle of Man that is both fit for purpose and fit for the future.’

The reports can be viewed at or hard copies purchased from the Tynwald Library, Legislative Buildings, Douglas.

Members of the Public Accounts Committee:

• The Hon Juan Watterson, SHK (Chairman)
• Mr Tim Crookall MLC (Vice-chairman)
• Mr Rob Callister MHK
• Mr David Cretney MLC
• Mrs Jane Poole-Wilson MLC
• Mr Chris Robertshaw MHK


For further information contact:
Jonathan King
Deputy Clerk of Tynwald
Telephone: 01624 686303
Published - 07/03/2019