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Select Committee seeks evidence on accommodation for vulnerable young people

​On 20th of November 2018 Tynwald appointed a Select Committee to investigate the provision of accommodation for vulnerable young people, with special reference to those leaving care and people with autism. The Committee now invites written submissions from members of the public who wish to comment on these matters.

Submissions should be sent to the address below by 1st March 2019.  Email is preferred but hard copy is equally acceptable.

The Committee cannot take a view on individual cases.

The Committee will decide from whom to take oral evidence in due course. Where necessary, it will be willing to take evidence in private and in confidence.


For more information or to make a submission, please contact:
Benjamin Awkal
Assistant Clerk of the Select Committee on Accommodation for Vulnerable Young People
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Telephone: 01624 651536
Published - 11/02/2019