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Planning system: Call for evidence

​The Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee, a Standing Committee of Tynwald, is conducting an inquiry into the operation of the planning system, with particular reference to planning enforcement. 

The Committee would like to hear from anybody who has experience of the planning system.  Please note that the Committee can only look at individual cases as examples of the impact of policy on the public.

Submissions should be sent to the address below by Friday 15th February 2019.  Email is preferred but hard copy is equally as acceptable. 

Please be aware that the Committee may choose to make public any information it receives. Personal contact details are routinely redacted in advance of such publication. If there is any other information in your submission which you do not wish the Committee to publish, or which you believe the Committee should not publish, please explain this in your submission. The Committee will take your explanation into account in deciding whether, and if so how much, to publish. The Committee is not obliged to accept your submission as evidence, nor to publish any or all of the submission even if it has been accepted as evidence.

The Committee was established by Tynwald in October 2016. The Members elected to the Committee are Mr Rob Callister MHK (Chair), Miss Clare Bettison MHK, and Mr Chris Robertshaw MHK. 


For further information contact:
Mr Roger Phillips
Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Tel:  (01624) 686303
Published - 21/01/2019